About Košice Region Brussels Office

About Košice Region Brussels Office

Brussels, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium, can also be considered the capital of European local and regional authorities: it is home to more than 300 regional offices which operate as so-called regional embassies. These representations are currently very visible and widely accepted as partners of the European political community. The Brussels offices are key for regional authorities as contact with the institutions allows them to learn about EU policy developments which means that regions can develop efforts and strategies in areas that are a priority for them and their citizens. The fact that the regions, through their presence in Brussels play an important role in disseminating and providing first-hand information precisely for the EU, which also supports such activity in order to achieve its goal of bringing Europe closer to its citizens.

Košice Region Brussels Office represents the region not only in the European agenda but also seeks to promote and ensure the region's influence in European policy when deciding on European or international issues affecting the development and life of our region. The regional representation in Brussels monitors events, engages in them, establishes contacts, cooperation and actively responds wherever it is beneficial and where there is a legal space for activity. 

Activities of Košice Region Brussels Office focus on improving the effective drawing of European Structural and Investment Funds, monitoring project opportunities and calls for funding, commenting and thus influencing the creation of EU legislation (based on the fact that 70% of EU legislation has a direct impact on the regional and local level) and last but not least to promote the interests of the Košice Self-governing region and to take part in the European Commission´s programs for regional development.

Taking into account the growing number and complexity of European legislation, the current setting and negotiation of the new programming period as well as the allocated funds, the presence of Košice Region Brussels Office is of key importance. This is primarily a matter of fulfilling the urgent need to be directly at the source of information about the financial and development opportunities that the European Union offers and the real ability to use them as effectively and correctly as possible for the benefit of the region. 

Košice Region Brussels Office together with the Bratislava Region Brussels Office is located on Rue d'Arlon 63 in Brussels and holds a certificate from the Minister of External Relations of the Brussels-Capital Region which recognizes the office as an official representation of local authorities in Brussels.