Economic and investment opportunities in the Košice region

Economic and investment opportunities in the Košice region

The Košice region is located in the south-eastern part of Slovakia bordering on Hungary and Ukraine. With a population of almost 800,000 citizens it is the second largest region of Slovakia´s eight regions. Its capital Košice is the second biggest city in Slovakia and the industrial anchor of the east of the country.


The advantageous geographical location is one of the strengths and greatest advantages of the Košice region. The region is a crossroad of roads of European importance in the direction of:

  • West-East from the Czech Republic, Austria to Ukraine and the Russian Federation
  • North-South from the Republic of Poland and the Baltic States towards the Republic of Hungary and the Balkans

The openness of the Slovak economy and its connection to the global  exchange of goods are external factors of the development of the Kosice region.

The Kosice Region is one of the most important economic areas in Slovakia, whose core sectors are industry, construction and agriculture. In terms of industrial structure, the most important sectors in the region are the metallurgical, chemical and electrical industries, as well as the currently developing IT sector.

Undoubtedly, metallurgy is a dominant sector, accounting for 60% of industrial production and 50% of its exports. The largest and strategically important company in the country of U.S.Steel Kosice is also active in this sector, thanks to which Košice is the most industrialized city of the region.

Another strength in the Kosice region is the IT sector, which is one of the most developing sectors in the region. The start-up IT industry can significantly help attract and stabilize the young generation, foster innovation and innovation culture in the region. The IT sector also has great growth potential in terms of above-average value added per employee.

Successful investments over the last two decades 

Educational and Innovation potential 

The Kosice region also has an obvious innovation potential, which is represented mainly by the number of universities of international importance, Slovak Academy of Sciences workplaces and private research and development institutes. The Kosice Region has the second largest research potential after the Bratislava Region. The strongest scientific areas are in particular the fields of material sciences and physics, chemistry and medical sciences, biochemistry and molecular biology.

There are clusters in the field of ICT technologies, robotics and automation, and tourism in the Kosice region. At the same time, the Kosice region also has the potential to create clusters in the areas of energy efficiency, creative cluster and biomedical cluster, clusters of new materials and steel.

A characteristic feature of the south of the Kosice region is the dominant agricultural production. Part of the agricultural landscape are also wine-growing areas - Eastern Slovakia wine-growing region (Kráľovochlmecký, Moldavský, Sobranský and Michalovský wine region) and Tokaj wine region.

Transport and Infrastructure

The Kosice Region has a well-developed transport network, the main intersection of which is the regional city of Kosice. Fast transport is provided by an international airport located about 10km from the city center. In 2018 Kosice airport exceeded half a million passengers and positive growth is expected in the future. 
The introduction of a number of other scheduled flights to European cities, an increase in the number of flights, especially of low-cost airlines, as well as more transit passengers, should contribute to this. The airport connects Kosice with 6 European destinations - Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, London, Munich and Dusseldorf operated by 5 airlines. In addition, the airport's technical equipment provides a comprehensive range of services, which makes Košice Airport the right place to develop business in cargo.